This blog post is exceptionally only in English, because today I participate in the Scavenger Hunt Sunday challenge for the first time. It's a fun photo challenge launched by Ashley Sisk.

I was inspired by this challenge when I found it in Pieni Lintu photo blog. Anyone can participate in the challenge. Participants are encouraged to take five new photos during the week for the challenge, to link in Ashley's blog and leave comments in the blogs of other participants.

The themes for this week are:
        1. From Above
        2. Drink of Choice
        3. Jewelry
        4. Local
        5. I Found This

Uraäidin Ruuhkavuodet

Since beginning of April I've adopted a new routine: to buy myself a nice bouquet of flowers on Fridays. I'm not very keen on decorating my home, but just recently I realized how much joy and beauty just a simple bunch of flowers can bring to one's home. This week I bought pinks, earlier I've bought tulips.

Uraäidin Ruuhkavuodet
I totally stopped drinking coffee a couple of years ago, but last month I started again. Having a nice cappuccino or café au lait for the first thing in the morning is such a nice way to kick off the new day. I'm in favor of capsule coffee rather than filter coffee.
I took part in a blogger event yesterday organised for the
Finland is a country of thousands of lakes. Ice swimming is a local hobby which always makes tourists surprised. Swimming in the open water even when the lakes are frozen is one of the best things that I know. I'm convinced that it's kept me healthy during this winter - I haven't had a flu once! By now the ice has melted and ice swimming season will be over soon. I've kept on swimming during April even though I miss the ice. The water is around +5 these days.
Uraäidin Ruuhkavuodet

This year I've been busy organizing our cupboards. It's a task which I don't particularly like, but it pays off. This week I found this special bowl which I thought I had lost. It's made of eucalyptus wood. I got it as a gift from my host family 22 years ago when I stayed in Australia for a year as an exchange student.

Have a Happy Sunday!

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