Lipuntarkastaja Jaana Tela: Liian kyyniseksi ei saa tulla

Jaana Tela pitää lipuntarkastajan työssä ihmisten kanssa rupattelusta.

Lipuntarkastaja Jaana Tela osaa varoa sekakäyttäjiä ja selityksiä. Vahdissa-sarjassa turvallisuusalan ihmiset kertovat työstään.Lue koko juttu

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Brava Jaana!!!

Here is the other side of the medal:

Today I was punished by Saara Sipilä, Jaana Tela and others in tram 7 for delay of my mobile ticket.

I stepped on the tram before I got the return sms with ticket number. It came to my mobile at the time Saara Sipilä asked me to show my ticket.

I understand all the explanations of the rule that a passenger should have a ticket before embarking the vehicle and violators of this rule should be punished. However, being a human being (me, the passenger), involved in a situation with  another human being (she, the lippuntarkastaja) and between us the digital technology (the mobile), we should give priority to the human’s explanation, not to the machines. I did not mean to cheat the HSL with a 2,90 ticket, I just had problem with the tremor in my hands and the digital screen, I bought the ticket, so I did not intend nor did I travel free and the HSL got my payment.

Why was I humiliated  by Jaana Tela, why was my human dignity ruined by calling two security guards and two policeman? Suma sumarum, there were 8 people involved into the punishment of an elderly cancer patient, who was ashamed to admit his weakness with the mobile technology.

What a shame!!!!! What a waste of human recourses!!!!! For E2,90 which was paid with seconds delay!!!!

I am an honest citizen of this country and require an explanation for the behavior of your employees, who should distinguish between human mistake and cheating and apply more understanding in the situations with different customers. 

I did not know that lipuntarkastaja is also a personal data tarkastaja, especially after the GDPR implementation. That’s why I showed her my ticket, but not my personal data.

I am a human and am sending this text to another human. I believe that you will have the power to understand it and wave the penalty.

regards from a devastated customer